Tuesday, May 3, 2011

True Couponing

Money saving posts have been very popular.  For regular information regarding great deals and current coupons, visit the True Couponing website.  These ladies take the work out of couponing and spell it all out for you!

A friend told me about True Couponing last year and I love this site!  Here are some things you must know:

First, they teach classes for FREE on how to coupon and get the best deals.  You can see the calendar of events on their site or click here to see a list of upcoming classes posted on Eventbrite.  Classes are offered in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.  You may think you know a lot about couponing but they will teach you new tricks!  Topics include how to organize your coupons easily and quickly without a lot of cutting.  They were allowing class attendees an opportunity to buy an organization system already set up with coupons in it!  (I'll need a comment from a recent attendee to confirm they still do this.)

Second, they post an alphabetical list of coupons that will appear in the Sunday paper inserts so you can keep track of what you should be getting and what you have.  Click here to view the most recent post.

Third, they list the weekly sales for major grocery and drug stores and match them up with available coupons.  Some are even printable from the web.  The posts tell you what the best deals are each week.  I always check the Publix and Walgreens pages to see what the scoop is before I hit the stores each week.

Cheers for saving money!  Enjoy!


  1. Yes they still offer the premade boxes- but I'd recommend just buying a portable filing cabinet, start buying at least 2 Sunday papers (more depending on how big your family is) and collecting them until you can attend the class. They'll tell you what to do. I went about a month ago and I'm hooked! I did buy the coupon cutter and love it! -Tera