Who am I?


You may be wondering just who I am and what qualifies me to write a blog for working moms. 

In 2003, I sought a means of supplemental income.  As a recent college graduate and a single school teacher, my financial situation was seriously lacking.  I selected a direct sales company after much consideration.  In the years since, my business has transformed through a number of personal changes- marriage, jobs, homes, and children.  My business has been full-time, part-time, and barely there.  I've excelled and I've struggled.

In October of 2009, I gave birth to twin boys.  Joining a club dedicated to moms of multiples is a huge factor in my success as a mother.  The education, resources, friendships, and support have saved my sanity!  It got me thinking about how critical these elements are for all women personally and professionally. 

While I'm well equipped with tools for success and have several years of experience, my application of these skills needs work. Once I finally find a plan that works, something changes forcing me to adjust.  No matter how much I think I know, there is always more to be learned.  I know you can relate.

The truth is, I am not one of the top sellers in my company, nor am I leading a huge team.  I do not have a PhD and I have not been a CEO.  I'm a woman who struggles to be a good disciple, mother, wife, friend, and professional- then balance it all.  My own imperfections give me the desire to do more, to be better and to seek answers.  The teacher in me wishes to share what I learn and what I find in order to support others.   

I invite you to join me on this journey!  Your ideas and comments are a crucial part of the sharing and learning process.  I wish to hear from you!  You can become a "follower" of the blog by clicking the link in the sidebar of my page or find "Twice the Work" on Facebook and Twitter to receive regular updates.