Monday, March 28, 2011

Preparing For Vendor Events

April is a busy month for me with vendor events this year.  While each event may need a tailored approach for leads, preparation is fairly consistent.  You will want to plan well and bring a variety of materials with you to present a professional image, represent your business well, and collect new leads. 

What you should know about the event.
  • Is a donation required?
  • Who is the target audience? (seniors, families, business professionals)
  • Is the location indoor or outdoor?
  • What is provided to the vendors? (tables, tents, electricity, food, security)
  • What is the expected attendance?
  • What kind of advertising are they using?
  • Am I expected to provide a give-a-way or goody bag item for guests?

Here are some things you should consider preparing and packing as they apply to your business.

  • tent- necessary if outdoors, can often be rented but easily purchased at most major retailers in the sporting goods department
  • table(s)- 6 foot folding tables will fit easily in most vehicles and are always handy.  They often go on sale around major holidays for about $35.
  • tablecloths
  • boxes to lift up your display or create height on your table
  • banner (Vistaprint- Get a small vinyl banner sign FREE. Plus save 50% off other sizes.)
  • product samples or inventory to sell
  • product specific display items
  • equipment needed to prepare product if serving food
  • dry erase marker boards
  • posters

Booth Decoration Ideas
  • balloons
  • flowers
  • rugs or mats
  • Christmas lights
  • seasonal decorations
  • wooden trellises

  • promotional pamphlets
  • marketing brochures
  • catalogs
  • customer or hostess special fliers
  • business cards

Collecting Leads
  • a drawing ticket or questionnaire
  • a drawing item
  • something small to give children such as candy or stickers
  • an interactive game or activity for children

Checkout Materials

  • bags or boxes for purchases

  • order forms

  • calculator

  • cash register

  • credit card machine (see post about The Square)

  • Miscellaneous
    • tape
    • scissors
    • sharpies
    • twine
    • pipe cleaners (or twisty ties)
    • large binder rings can be used to hang merchandise from the tops of your tents
    You never know when you may have to fix, hang, or tie something down.  Throw all these extras in a gallon size bag for "just in case" moments.  A friend of mine taught me about the pipe cleaners.  They are strong and colorful!  You can use them to attach or hang just about anything.


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