Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finding Vendor Opportunities

There are a large number of events that invite vendors to come and promote their products and services year round.  These opportunities are a great way to introduce your business and grow your customer base. 

Here are types of events to look for:
  • Children's Expos
  • Home and Garden Expos
  • Bridal Expos
  • Health and Wellness Expos
  • Church Bazaars or Fairs
  • School Carnivals
  • Craft Fairs
  • Art Festivals
  • Farmers Markets
  • State or County Fairs
  • Holiday Markets
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fundraisers

Where can you find events?

The vendor or booth fee can vary from nothing to thousands of dollars depending on the venue and advertising.  In addition to the fee, product or service donations may be requested.  If you need a table, tent, or electricity, you may incur additional costs.  Some fundraising events may ask for a percentage of all your sales.  It is important to remember that you need to spend money to make money.  Just be sure that you can reasonably recoup your costs in product sold or leads gained.

Events should only accept one representative from each direct sales company but will take multiple companies within the same industry.  For example, they would take multiple jewelry vendors but only one representative each from Premier Designs, Cookie Lee, Lia Sophia, Silpada, etc... This would be an important question to ask when registering.

Many events are held annually.  Keep the event information on file and plan to contact the coordinator prior to the event next year.  Some organizations will contact previous vendors and give them the initial opportunity but not all.

My vendor opportunities page is a compilation of the events I find or those that readers send to me.  Please keep me up-to-date on events you are planning or participating in.  Sharing information will provide a variety of vendors at the event, increase advertisement, and support fellow businesses.  The success of all businesses helps the economy and we all know that small business plays a huge role!  You can email me new listings at twicethework@gmail.com or leave a comment on the vendor page.


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