Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visual Love & Encouragement

Crayola window crayons.  How are they inspirational?

These began as a Valentine's Day gift for my husband since "Words of Encouragement" are one of his top love languages.  I use them to write words of love and encouragement on our bathroom mirror regularly.

You could use them to write:
  • a goal, since writing and visualizing them are so important in achieving them
  • a favorite quote or bible verse to inspire, motivate or positively influence your thoughts
  • the names of people you want to keep in your thoughts and prayers
  • love notes, words of encouragement, or reminders for family members
Have fun loving and encouraging yourself and others!


  1. Great idea....I will have to get these this weekend. Wish I had them this morning b/c it was Ethan's first Hills. Writes...he always needs the encouragement!....I love stuff like this!! Keep up all your blogs I enjoy reading them. Kuddos to you!

  2. I am afraid that the boys will take notice and start using other things (i.e. crayons and other markers) to write on the windows/walls...your thoughts? I love the idea, just afraid it will lead to not so good things!