Thursday, January 27, 2011

THE Womans Planner

Too bad I already have a calendar for this year because I found this fabulous calendar by Chaos Simplified!  Yes, I still use a paper calendar.  For me, it is easier to use and I can flip around and see more at a quick glance.  Check out the details and pictures I snagged off their website!  It has some really fantastic features!

The Womans Planner

Introducing the 2011 Womans Day Planner . . . Life Planner 

 Not only is this designed to simplify your days, it's now got your whole life under control!

The Features
  • 3" fold over page marker - so you won't lose your place
  • A newly designed monthly 'budget page' complete with fixed and variable expenses
  • the keep it all together 'social planning' page
  • the same amazing half page format to keep you sane
  • birthdays at a glance page
  • yearly finance/budget page
  • household appliance tracking
  • wish lists for everything your wishin' on
  • xmas planning
  • a page to keep track of what your saving for
  • contacts
  • notes
  • the most incredible extra - pocket dividers in between each month to hold all those bills, cards, school notes etc.

The unique format
It's what completely sets it apart  You no longer have to make the big decision each year, 'week at a glance' or 'month at a glance'.  The half pages allow you for both options all at the same time.
 the financial page - split into 2 pay periods in order to plan out at which point in the month will work to spread out the expenses within the income.  Now includes a space to track Fixed and Variable expenses to keep on budget.
 the social page 
  • My Goals for . . .  A spot to record your goals for the month for; me, family, household and finances.
  • family notes -  which could be used for homeschool lesson plans, what is going on for each family member for the month.
  • What's happening this month, What's ahead for next month.
  • Things on my mind - a chance to take a minute with a scripture to uplift and encourage.
  • Important dates - record them and buy the cards ahead of time.

Here's how the 'New' half page format works - 
Your 'weekly view' is always on top each month and the 'month view' is always on the bottom. The new format is due to the new pocket dividers in between each month.  Why the half page format?  This completely eliminates the 'month at view' drawback of having not enough space to plan and the 'week at a view' drawback of turning the page for the next week and realizing you totally forgot that you were supposed to have 4 dozen cookies at the school for Monday!
Use the month to jot down quick what is going on and then use the week section to record the details.
half page

Do you love it?   They also have an adorable planner for girls too!

I will be bookmarking this for next year!

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  1. This is AWESOME. I definitely need one of these for my busy life! Lara