Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Climbing Out of a Rut

In a rut?  We all go through them personally and professionally!  Nothing goes your way and everything you touch falls apart.  You may be unmotivated or can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If another person asks you to do something or another thing goes wrong, you feel you might just snap.  Maybe, business has stagnated or sales have dropped.  You might have faced some really serious trials.

So goes the leader... so goes the group.  You are a role model for others: your family, your community, perhaps for other business owners in your organization; your attitude affects others.  When mom is in a rut, the rest of the family is likely to follow suit.  In business, John Maxwell calls this "The Law of the Lid."  People within an organization tend to perform below the standards or example set by the leader.

At the conference I recently attended, I asked around to find out how other ladies pull themselves out of a rut.  Most answered that they pray.  While I agree this is a critical step, I kept wondering what had to change in order to snap out of it.  Then it came to me... it's all about our perspective.

A trainer within our organization is known for her thoughts on "the pit."  She says, "When you are in "the pit", don't decorate it!"  Don't plan to stay there long enough to throw a pity party or make it a home!

Our frame of mind, the tape that is playing through our thoughts-our internal voice, the attitude of our thoughts... affect how we see and respond to everything!  So if we find ourselves in a rut, what should we do?

Get a fresh perspective!
  • Pray- as was the most common answer I got in my poll!  Look for assistance from the One who controls it all.  Ask for change and direction.
  • Stand back and take a fresh look at your situation. Where do you see negativity?  If you need help viewing your situation, ask someone who knows you well to help. 
  • Choose to change your thinking and your attitude.
  • Identify activities and actions that need a change.  If you keep doing the same things, getting the same results- change what you are doing!
  • Look for the positives daily and focus on those.
  • Associate with positive people.
  • Refuse to let the actions of others control you.

"Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you... We are in charge of our ATTITUDES." (Charles Swindoll)

Happy New Year!