Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Balancing Your Day

Ok, so is it really possible or just a myth?   I'm sure I've had some balanced days in my life but after adding two babies to the mix, there have been far fewer.  I'd say that balance is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, never mind business.  There are so many elements that factor in: organization, scheduling, consistency, motivation, etc...  Of course, something unexpected could put a wrench in the whole day!  The idea of balance is very broad and I must admit one of the main reasons I feel we, woman, need support. 

The solution is not to focus on perfection but to adjust each element and work on changing one thing at a time.  Here are some things I've learned and am working to implement in our household and my business.
  • Control your calendar.  Use one calendar to organize all the appointments and activities of each person in your family, as well as your business.
  • Create a schedule.  Include what time you wake up, household chores, meals, children's activities, and office hours.
  • Organize your environment.  This promotes better time management and reduces stress and  distraction.
  • Make a written "To Do" list.  Prioritize it and use it as a visual reminder for the day.
  • Be Consistent.  Continually do the things you need to do without procrastination.
  • Avoid distractions.  Track the amount of time you spend on the phone, online, or in front of the tv.
  • Get Motivated!  Find inspiration from text, a friend, or a group and avoid negative people. 
  • Reward yourself.  Working hard all day (and night) can take its toll.  Care for yourself by allowing some time in your schedule to decompress and relax.
It sure does look simple when it is spelled out on paper.  For me this last year with my twin boys has wreaked havoc on any "balance" we had in our household.  Our attempt to rework a routine that includes balance has brought me back to many of the principles I've been taught again and again.  As we all know, things change quickly and we must learn to continually adjust!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.  Do you have an element to add?  Which area is the biggest struggle for you?  Over the next few blogs, I'll look at each element individually to share what I've learned about each.  Be sure to check back and offer your special insight on each.  After all, I'm learning too!



  1. So, when do we get to reward ourselves?? Lord knows we deserve it!

  2. Organization and planning are the keys - of which I don't have a lot. Look forward to reading your blog regularly!!!

  3. 1.TIO (Touch It Once):
    Eliminate your piles. Don't use your desk for storage. That goes for your PC desktop, unanswered phone calls, your email inbox and work that is just not completed yet. It's how to keep things off your to-do list. Pick up the file, open an envelope or an email and do something with it, anything but flag it for follow-up later. Therein lies the path to ruinous procrastination, missed deadlines and unhappy bosses and clients. So file it, delegate it, trash it or do it.

    2.DIN (Do It Now):
    Unpleasant things don't go away. So I always try to attack the thing that's causing me the most anxiety. It's the way to a peaceful life, a solid night's sleep and no heartburn.

    3. MIT (Most Important Thing):
    You can only have one Most Important Thing at a time and you should be doing it.

  4. Wow, Dawn, that is great! I'll be sure to include your tips in an upcoming organization topic! Thank you!